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Warrior Queen {poem}

I refuse to be small, to play small.

I will not fit into the boxes you provide,

I am strength, the grit and poise,

I am the steel will against your fears.

I am vulnerability in the quiet hours

When I remove my armour.

When your lips rest against mine,

And my fingers tremble lightly on your cheek.

In this holy silence,

I put my lions to rest.

I dream of things beyond this world,

My divine connection speaks to me.

I push the pain away;

Like taming wild horses.

Only then can I hear the universe's call.

I am the sword of truth; no matter how uncomfortable,

I slice through your illusions and clear the skies once more.

My bare feet make way on the battleground,

And I see the horizon in the distance,

Blazing with my name.

I am the passion of a thousand warriors,

Fighting in battleships on stormy seas.

A sparkling blood-red ruby glows somewhere deep in my navel,

The diamonds in my crown are made of holy light.

I was not put here to be a wife, or to be chained to convention,

I have no master: my spirit is free.

I am the queen of my own destiny,

I am the light that guides the way.

Copyright Gemma Malak 2019

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