Gemma Raven is a spiritual intuitive, reiki master, artist, tattooist and writer. She has been a questioner and a deep thinker from a very early age, which has led her to discovering her passion for creating in all forms.


Gemma writes articles about spirituality, relationships and life guidance amongst other things. She uses her own challenging past to illuminate not only her own life's journey, but others who may benefit from her knowledge. Her empathic nature allows her to connect and understand others easily, and she enjoys these interactions and crossovers with other souls at just the right moments.

She realises that life is a gift, and does not waste a moment of her time, when she is not writing or painting, she is taking care of her two wonderful children, cooking, gardening, reading, learning, oracle card reading or just being.

Gemma uses herself and her life as an artistic expression in its most raw and honest form, and prides herself on a no-frills and grounded approach to spirituality.

© 2020 Gemma Malak