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5 tips for When your Body is Crying Out for Self-Care

It's been a while since my last blog post, mainly because I am one of the busiest people I know.

I don't believe in wasting my time- so I don't. I look after my children, work, decorate my house, research projects, do gardening, write articles, work on my novel, cook, paint, read tarot cards...the list is endless. I pack as much into my days as possible, I have always been this way. However, there is a down side to being so busy: an overheated brain and a body that is crying out for some rest! I know many people are the same, never switching off from stress and constant thoughts and worries.

My downfall is that I find it very difficult to switch off, my mind is always ticking with projects, ideas, stress and organising my week. I love having so many things on the go, but I really need to master a little more self-care.

Today, one of my customers cancelled on me. I am not one to waste an opportunity, so I thought I'd do a little self-care on the rare occasion that I didn't have my children here.

How does your body feel when you are out of sorts, overtired or eating junk? It gives you subtle or not so subtle signs that it needs a change, do you recognise them? Mine feels like my eyes are tired and uncomfortable. I can also feel like my energy is not moving effectively, as though it has pooled somewhere in my sacral chakra (just below the navel) and needs a kickstart of movement.

Here's some top tips for self care:

1. Have a salt bath or add essential oils of your choice. Just running a bath for yourself with the intention of it being something you are doing purposefully and taking that slice of time for yourself will change the energy in your body. Remember, intentions are key! Intentions are creating energy through beliefs. Switch your brain off for an hour: those thoughts will still be there to come back to later if you want to dip back into them. You are allowed to take an hour.

2. Say 'No': If you say 'Yes' when really you want to say 'No' you are creating issues in the throat chakra energy. 'No' allows you to set boundaries for yourself. If another person doesn't like the version of you that says 'No' they are not the right people to be in your life. The right people for you will respect your right to say 'No.' It can be very therapeutic to set these boundaries. You don't have to go out or do someone a favour or get roped into doing things that you know are not good for you and that you do not enjoy. You are not a bad person for saying 'No'.

3. Get your bare feet on the grass! Or the earth or in a river. Nature is your biggest healing buddy, use it; it is all around you. Today I did yoga barefoot in my garden, I sat for a while on the dewdrops that decorated the grass and looked up at the sky and sun. It was heavenly. While I was down in the earth, I noticed some little daisies that popped up, and some flowers that had started growing that I hadn't seen. Life can pass you by when you're too busy to notice it. Bare feet on the earth grounds your root energy. Just be.

4. Yoga: I am by no means an expert, but yet some yoga practise on youtube and do a 15 minute practise to shift the energy in your body. I recommend 'Yoga with Adrienne' there are lots of different practises and its a down to earth vibe.

5. Drink some water and eat a vegetable, fruit and/or kefir. When you put junk in your body, you feel tired, lethargic, depressed, unmotivated. I have been neglecting my usual healthy diet this week and boy, am I feeling it! The body relies on so many delicate chemical processes in order to work effectively, and to do this, it needs quality sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. We need quality fats to help us function correctly, do not be scared of butter, nuts, hoummus, avocados, olive oil. Ditch the saturated fats (cakes, sweets, chips, fried foods, pies, pastry) and add the quality fats into your diet!

There are many more, but these are a few self-care tips to get you started. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section. Enjoy! Highest love~ Miss Raven.

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